Key Targets

MECO has defined the following key targets in order to fulfill its contractual obligation with EVN and the Vietnamese Authorities, and have put the priorities to be in line with the Company Culture and Company Values:

  1. No accident (Lost Time Injury) for MECO and MECO Subcontractors
  2. No environnemental incident
  3. The plant contractual availability factor shall be above 90%
  4. The number of Training hours shall represent more than 2.5 % of normal working hours on a yearly basis
  5. The number of Trip - automatic plant shutdown leading to a disconnection from the EVN grid- ≤ 7 (excluding commissioning)
  6. The Unplanned Unavailability < 2.5%

MECO has also put in place a risks management and is reviewing its main risks with relevant actions updated twice a year. Moreover, Internal and External Audits and assessments are performed every year.

MECO is implementing an Excellence program developing, focusing on the following:

  • HR development plan (managers training, organization optimization...),
  • Staff survey made independently and anonymously and followed by improvement actions,
  • Benchmark (EDF group and other) for key performances indicators ,
  • Best practices implementation.

MECO is also developing its "MECO Vietnamese staff" offer:

  • Career development at each opportunity,
  • Overseas seminars and meetings, participation and contribution of Vietnamese staff when relevant,