Company Profile

Technical Data

Combustion Turbine (CT)

  • GE9351FA (9FAe or 9F.03 ) supplied by General Electric, 226.2 MWe, 3000 rpm, 50 Hz (Site references conditions)
  • Both equipped with an evaporative cooler
  • 18 rows air compressor compression rate: 14/1
  • 18 combustion chambers dry low NOx (DLN 2+)
  • Demineralized water injection while using Distillate Oil to reduce NOx emission
  • Start-up by Load commutated Inverter (LCI) from the generator fed by the 500kV grid

Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG)

  • 2 NEM horizontal natural circulating HRSGs with 3 levels of pressure
  • Thermal power 361 MWth

Steam Turbine

  • General Electric D11-TC2F type double flow exhaust
  • Nominal power: 277 MWe, 3000 rpm

The plant keeps in touch with the evolution of technologies in the power generation and brings the customer satisfaction into focus with several upgrades:

  • the Cooling Optimization Packages of the Gas Turbines to get more output and higher efficiency (lower Heat Rate)
  • the control software for Gas Turbines from MKV to MKVIe
  • the Excitation system EX2100
  • the H2 bolted seal for the Generators to have a safer cooling and lower consumption of H2
  • the newly built overhead crane by Hitachi Heavy Industry to facilitate the maintenance of Gas Turbine and to reduce the unavailable time